Elior UK makes the move to a 100% electric fleet

Elior UK has committed to transitioning its vehicles to 100% electric in a move that it says reduce their vehicle CO2 emissions by 80% to 100%. The exchange programme was developed earlier this year and demonstrates the caterer’s Economic Social Governance (ESG) commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The pledge will see the replacement of Elior’s petrol and diesel vans and company cars with eco-efficient vehicles that are EV (full electric), PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric) or non-plug-in hybrid electric. Any vehicle manufacturers that do not offer alternative fuelled vehicles will be removed from its car policy, which will be reviewed annually to account for any changes.

Charlotte Wright, CSR manager for Elior UK, said: “As a responsible company, we wholly recognise the importance of preserving natural resources and the positive impact this will have on society. As part of our continued commitment to our ESG programme, it’s essential that our people are part of the journey. The UK government has announced it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 and we are ahead of this.”

To support the changeover, Elior will invest in installing electric charging points at its head offices in London and Macclesfield. App-based technology will also be made available to employees to conveniently identify the nearest available pod points while on the move.