Vegan Christmas food triples in popularity

Vegan Christmas recipes have tripled in popularity over the last five years across the UK based on search trend data, a new study has revealed. Christmas Trimmings Snackdown, created by City Pantry, reveals which festive foods come out on top in the run-up to Christmas, based on search data and a recipe analysis of the UK’s most popular recipe site. The study also found that Scotland leads the way for interest in a vegan Christmas dinner, followed by England, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

Looking at the nutritional data behind some of the UK’s most popular vegan recipes reveals the average festive dish carries just 362 in calories, takes 69 minutes to prepare and holds an average rating of 4.6/5 stars based on consumer reviews. This places plant-based offerings as being 19% easier to prepare than meat-based dishes, which average 506 calories per serving – making them 144 calories heavier than vegan options.

Meanwhile, vegetarian dishes prove the healthiest at just 350 calories each. In fact, those of us who opt for plant-based or meat-free dishes at Christmas are less likely to consume more than our recommended amount of calories, fat, saturated fats, sugar and salt, as the meat-based dishes featured on the recipe site prove unhealthier on the whole. 

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